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Communion After Dark Dark Compass EBM-Radio The Razor Blade Dance Floor

New and Upcoming Releases

Below is a list of labels that are featured on the show. If you need more information about the release date, cost, etc., please click on the link next to the name of the label and look for more details.

Alfa Matrix - www.alfa-matrix.com

AlterCulture Records - http://www.alterculture.com/

AnalogueTrash Records - http://trashdigital.co.uk/
Artoffact Records - www.stormingthebase.com/brands/Artoffact-Records

Bella Union - http://store.bellaunion.com/

Captured Tracks - www.capturedtracks.com/
Conzoom Records - www.conzoomrecords.com

CRL Studios - http://www.crlstudio.com/
Danse Macabre - www.dansemacabre-group.com
DarkDimensions - www.darkdimensions.de/
Dead Oceans - www.ekproduct.com/
Dependent Records - www.dependent.de/
DSBP - www.dsbp.cx
Echozone - http://www.echozone.de/

EK Product - www.ekproduct.com/
Infacted Recordings - www.infacted-recordings.com
Metropolis - www.metropolis-records.com/

Mexican Summer - http://www.mexicansummer.com/shop/

Mibasound Records - http://www.mibasoundmedia.com/

Mislealia Records - www.mislealia.com/
Negative Gain Productions - www.negativegain.com/
Nilaihah Records - www.nilaihah.com/
Out Of Line - www.outofline.de

Progress Productions - www.progress-productions.com/releases.php
Projekt Records - www.projekt.com
Saint Marie Records - www.saintmarierecords.com
ScentAir Records - www.scent-air.com/
skyQode - www.skyqode.com/
Space Race Records - spaceracerecords.com/
Trisol - www.trisol.de/
Wave Records - www.waverecordsmusic.com/
WTII Records - www.wtiirecords.com/

Listen Live!

We broadcast live every Thursday night from 8-11PM EST. To listen to the stream online choose one of the following formats:

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It takes $40 to keep the stream and server online each month. If you feel like making a donation to the show, we would greatly appreciate it. If you don't want to make a donation, keep enjoying the music.


Our Darkcasts include the last 10 Live Broadcast shows. Click here to subscribe and get more information.